Years ago my friend Anibal Delgado and I tried our first webcomic.
The Zombiepocalypse: Humanity’s Worst Enemy Is Humanity Itself. We wanted to explore how humanity is worse than zombies if there was a zombie apocalypse. We published 24 weekly pages and looking back at them now, I have to say I’m really proud of them. They are full of mistakes and I can see everything I can do differently, but I am proud of those first baby steps. I am still learning how to make comics and every day I learn something new.

One of the crazy ideas AJ (Anibal) had was that the zombies were created by aliens. Long story short, TWD was starting it’s first season and a mutual friend told us about how it explored more or less the same concept. I got unmotivated and stopped drawing, I started issue 2, but never finished it. Fast forward 10 years later, while watching the documentary The Image Revolution I learned that Kirkman lied to Image comics to convince them to publish the comic by telling them there were going to be aliens involved. The irony is not lost on me.

These past few days I’ve been creating artwork inspired in pulp magazines of the 40’s. This was the original idea for the cover, but back then I didn’t have the skill to get the idea correctly, so AJ asked me to recreate the cover and since I am so difficult to convinced I was already doing it when he asked. Now that I finished it I wanted to share it with you.

Original The Zombiepocalypse cover.
Reworked cover

The new one is inspired in a cover by Frank Frazetta cover. Frazetta is my favorite fantasy artist and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to honor him.
I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did remaking it.