Hello and welcome back!

Now that I’ve had a week to wind down and decompress it’s time to put some things I’ve had in my head since the convention into writing. Join me while I ramble away!

What a weekend, got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while. Some I don’t even remember their name, but I was still happy to see them! I apologize, I’m not good with names, but I promise I loved seeing you all.

Got to try and test new things, from set up to what I put on the table. Out are were the small prints in are the high quality canvas posters. These high quality posters help give my work a more elegant look. They are a bit more expensive, but they are in limited quantities and exclusive to the convention. It’s a gamble to try new things at a convention, but it’s always worth the try. In addition to these new posters, I had 3 new comics at the table. I can’t call myself a comicbook artist if I don’t have comics I’ve worked on at my booth.

Presentation is key when it comes to selling your art so I tried a new layout I had in mind, sadly this layout will only work at this convention since other conventions don’t give you enough space to work with.  I added a new table to display the posters very nicely. Since this extra table was behind me I was able to display my graded sketch covers and not worry about them. I’m really happy with the set up and took notes on what to improve for next year. Yes, you read that right, I had enough space in my booth for two tables and move freely. Got room for my legs now!

Unfortunately the booth next to me put up a wall of prints that literally blocked my booth completely. This inconsiderate act of selfishness was nothing but a minor hiccup in my operations.  Annoying at worst. I do believe there should be some height restrictions on them walls of prints. Nevertheless I moved my table out and got some visibility, still got some messages from friends that couldn’t find my table.

I could have made a spectacle of this situation, I could have demanded a new booth if I wanted too, I could have had that wall taken down in an instant if raised my voice about it. But I admit, the idea of proving that you don’t need a massive wall of prints that blocks everyone else’s view to have a successful show was appealing. So obviously I step up to the plate and like always brought my A game. It was a successful show for me. Sold out two of the comicbooks and two of the posters. Got to do a few commissions at the convention and took some to finish at home and mail.

The view coming in.
How the booth looked after I got the table out of the cave

In the spirit of full transparency my neighbor contacted me to offer me an empty booth that was not theirs because their friend wasn’t going to make it to the show. But what if their friend would have shown up? What would their peace offering have been? It also makes me wonder how conscious were they when setting up. They did message me before I even got there to let me know they were blocking my table entirely, and made their offer.

I believe some height restrictions should be put into effect to avoid these situations. This is disrespectful to other artists when we are all in this together. We are all creators trying to make a living off what we love doing. Aside from this hiccup, the show was a great show for me. I am aware that other artists didn’t have a good experience and I have some notes of things I felt could have been handled better. But this post isn’t about that. That I’ll handle through the proper channels.

If you’re still reading this, thank you for sticking around! Here’s a link to some pics from the weekend and be sure to follow my social media to keep up with my adventures!