We have been indoctrinated, bred into thinking that we live in the greatest country in the world. As a country we invaded other country because “we are better than them, so we are helping them”. Making us think we were doing a good thing for others. That without us they would fall to ruin and misery.

They led us to believe we were safe and just like that slowly but surely they are taking our rights away, our freedom. Because if you think that what happened last week doesn’t affect you, you have another thing coming.

Already there’s talk about considering doing the same with other cases. They will go down a checklist of the things they don’t like and remove them. One by one, first women’s body autonomy. Then it will be gay marriage, then it will be interracial marriage, then it will be African Americans, and Latin and so on.

This is not the greatest country, we are not the heroes they programmed us to believe we were. We are a country led by old men afraid of change, afraid of progress, afraid of the future. Outdated in their beliefs, so far removed from reality that they don’t understand the world we are living anymore.

Guns are more protected than women in this country. Corporate is more important than the people. Their misguided interpretation of the book they call holy makes them think they have the moral higher ground.

Hypocrites, all of them.

I’m ashamed, ashamed that so many so called christians are so misguided, so intolerant and ignorant. Their faith has clouded their mind and darkened their hearts. Ashamed that they see all of this injustice happening and they know deep inside it’s wrong, yet they stand and do nothing.

Doing nothing emboldens the oppressor, looking the other way doesn’t help anyone.

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