It’s that time of the month when I present yo you this month’s Featured Collection. Every month I’ll be showing you a new collection of artwork available in t-shirts and other products at my RedBubble Store.

This month’s collection is for the music lover. All art in this collection is inspired by a song or in some cases ideas and images that come to my head while playing my instruments.

Any fans of Motörhead here?

“Love Me Forever” was inspired by Motörhead‘s song of the same name. The bass guitar is modeled after a Rickenbacker bass, the same model used by Lemmy. This one is a very personal drawing, I made this one to celebrate one of my favorite band. Fun fact: I used to have a tribute band called Motorcult in PR.

La Mantra Mori

“La Mantra Mori” was inspired by Ghost’s song La Mantra Mori from the album INFESTISSUMAM.

Holy Mother

Holy Mother is another idea inspired by the song Griftwood by the band Ghost. It’s no secret I’m a little bit obsessed with them lately, I’m almost 100% sure I’ll make more art inspired by them again.

The Bass Player

“The Bass Player” I’m a bass guitar player, I wanted to be a guitar player, but one day I had to stand in as a bass player for a show and realized I was bass player and not a guitar guy. There’s not much love for bassists out there so I took that personal. Worry not bass players, I will make more art suited for you.

Rock On

”Rock On” is a personal favorite of mine. I modeled for this drawing and this drawing is the reason I opened the RedBubble store. I wanted this drawing on a shirt since the moment I made the drawing. If you look closely, that is the same bass guitar as the one in ”Love Me Forever”

Well that’s it for this month. I hope you enjoy these drawings and the little bit of backstory to them.

Thank you for checking these out. You can visit the Redbubble store and check out the other designs and products available.