As days go by things seem to look a bit grimmer every time I check the news. I’m sure that all of you feel the same, after all we are all in the same boat Earth. All we have is each other, look out after your neighbor they might need something and not have the means to get it or are alone and just friendly hello might be enough to lift their spirits (make sure to keep at least 6 ft apart just in case). And if it’s you that need help, reach out, don’t bottle it in. Call a friend or video chat we a love one, I sometimes don’t even need to tell them what I’m going through, just talking to them makes me feel better.

Stay at home please, going out every day not only puts you at risk, but also your loved ones. Here’s another mock up cover of Space Adventures, this was fun to create, in my head I can see the whole story play out. I hope it entertains you as much at it does me.

Space Adventures Vol. II

Here’s a phone wallpaper version. Space Adventures vol. 2 phone wallpaper.