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The Ten Commandments of Metal album cover.

A Brother Has Fallen

The first time I met Erico was on my first year of tattooing professionally. Our mutual friend Dennis (who is the guitar player for Dantesco) brought him to the studio to talk about his next tattoo, of course. I was a bit anxious about it, not gonna lie, you see he was already a legend in the metal scene in Puerto Rico. He was not at all what I was expecting, don’t get me wrong he was Metal as fuck, but he also had a calming presence and after a few minutes of talking I knew I had a new friend.


During the 90’s Image Comics revolutionized the industry by doing what at that point, was thought impossible, going against the 2 big ones (DC and Marvel). It was very exciting and entertaining. Some of the comics they published were amazing. One of them is Spawn. I’ve always wanted to draw that character, I still think...

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