I’ve been an X-Men fan since I read Days of Future Past in the early 90’s. I read a trade that my brother from another family had. Back then it was a bit difficult for me to get comics, luckily I had him to let me read his. It was him who introduced me to comics when he gave me my first Spider-Man comic, but that’s a story for another day.

His favorite character was and I’m sure it still is Wolverine. Although I always gave him shit for liking him, I confess I secretly liked Wolverine too. He’s one of those characters I’ve always enjoyed reading and always enjoyed sketching. So while I was in Puerto Rico I made a few sketches on Procreate while trying out a new set of brushes.

Check out my time lapse video of one of these sketches. https://youtu.be/S4aGRys7IHQ

Wolverine has seen better days.
Vs The Sentinel. I might revisit this one later on. I’m not 100% satisfied with it.
Weapon X