How vivid are your dreams? How clear do you see them? For me they are very clear, specially the bad ones. I’ve always had problems sleeping since I was very young. I’ve had this recurrent dream that involves a long narrow road, water on both sides and a giant wave that washes everything away. I have traveled that road several times, but I’m not going to talk about that this week, that’s a story for another day.

Some of the nightmares are more vivid and clear than others, like when you experience sleep paralysis. I hear voices and see things in the darkness, right there in the corner of your eye. This year started very rough and I had some very bad nights. I tried to capture some of them as best I could.

Here are some of them:


He watches me sleep from the corner of the room, waiting patiently in the darkness. I model for this one, I think subconsciously this particular nightmare has to do with my own demons. I called this one Waking Up With Allergies A Self Portrait. (this is exactly how my allergies feel coincidently)


This one in is incomplete, this one represents all those projects I haven’t finished, either because I got distracted or some other projects take priority.

I have more nightmares, but those will have to wait.