As some of you know I recently visited Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Comic Con. I work this convention every year now since 2014, this year I had this band called Fullminator in front of my booth and as much as I love metal I was a bit skeptical and annoyed about the idea of having a band in front of me. Just thinking about how much noise was this booth going to make all weekend on top of the regular noise gave me a headache when I was setting up on Thursday night.

Boy, was I wrong.

They had their latest album Crackattack playing all weekend at a decent volume, so it wasn’t at all bothersome, in fact it was an awesome soundtrack for an equally awesome weekend (More on that on the next article).

This band took me by surprise, wearing masks having a robot with them on the booth got my attention really fast. After listening to a few tracks I was convinced, I needed to meet these guys and buy that CD(yes, I still buy CDs) not only is their music really badass, they’re attitude and coolness was on par. I couldn’t wait to hear these dudes playing live and when I learned that they had a concert a few days later I made sure (Basically beg my buddy to take) to be there.

Left to right: Joel, me and Wilfred as the show started and our minds were blown away.

Fast forward to that day and there I was, waiting with friends and having a few beers when the show started. Typical metal concert with light and great sound and these dudes started shredding those instruments and I was blown away. Not only do they look cool onstage with the masks, but they also delivered a great performance. I was thinking “yeah this is awesome, I’m glad there’s still good metal being done on PR” then suddenly…

A giant robot starts walking through the crowd, yes you read that right. The Crackbot was alive! And right behind him Alcohtron, another giant robot. My mind was blown away at these 2 giant robots fighting while the band played their heaviest sand fastest riffs. They finished the show with a cover of So What (Original song by The Anti-Nowhere League) this link should take you to that moment and yes, that is me screaming with excitement.

Johnny Died in a Mosh is my favorite track of the album, but Bulletproof Panties is vary close to being my favorite. Crackbot, Reptilian Breath makes me wanna punch something, the whole album is pretty awesome, it’s like blending Gwar and Anthrax with a sprinkle of pop culture. Did I mention they also have a comic? Well, they do!

Look them up on Spotify and . Give them a chance, if you like it show your support to this local band from PR.

I love them so much I made this sketch the other day. Yes, I’ve become full fanboy with them.

Props to them for having the balls to do something risky in an island mostly know for their reggaeton and Ricky Martin.

Here’s to more metal from PR.


Elias “Gambit” Melendez