This fall what started as a warmup sketch turned into a full series. To make this long story short. At the beginning of September I started working on a series called Father Of Lies and the day I was going to publish the first one I made a warmup drawing of a witch, just for fun. When I did it, I wasn’t expecting any reaction, but thankfully it was well received, so I decided do make another one and suddenly I had series of witches and familiars however, I didn’t have a name for this series.

What to call a series of drawings of witches life? Witches? The Life of a witch? A witches life? And suddenly #witchlife was born.

Some of my favorites from the series.

As the days went by and I created more witches, I added a one or two sentence story to them, giving them more life. If you follow this stories you’ll learn that our lovely witches were getting ready for the summoning and today is that day.

The Summoning

Tonight they feast and drink and dance naked around the fire. Under the pale moonlight the summon him. Tonight the Father of Lies arrives.

Father of Lies preview.