Yesterday was Sony PlayStation 5 presentation and although I like video games I’ve never pay attention to this events. Usually because I’m working or I’m working. Yesterday, while taking a break from jamming a little with one of my customers that became a friend we watched part of it and I was impressed. Let me give you a bit of back story.

I was born in December 1978, that make some 41 years at the time of writing this. The Atari games were fun, although I got to play it when it wasn’t a novelty anymore. I got the Sega Master System when there were no stores in town carrying games for it yet and the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was how I connected with a lot of the kids in the neighborhood. My friends and I spent countless hours playing Punch Out, Mega Man, Castlevania and The Legend of Zelda among other games.

We would get together every chance we got to play video games and pass the time. Video games and comic books kept me off the streets. Then the Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis came out and although I didn’t own one, my best friend had both systems and everyday after school I would go to his house and play F-Zero or Super Double Dragon among anther games. So many good memories. Then came the Sony PlayStation that gray square thing that used a CD (this wasn’t and entirely new thing Sega had a CD system before if memory serves correctly) and it was ace hole different level of gaming, this one I did buy, at that time I was working and making money. Tomb Raider was life, the Castlevania Symphony of The Night blew my mind away.

Long story short, I’ve own every version of PlayStation since the first one, I’m not a day 1 buyer, gaming is not my life and the list of games I own or completed gets shorter with time, but I do enjoy playing video games.

In 2018 I got a PS4 because I wanted to play Spider-Man and the Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). While I waited for those games to come out my buddy Wilfred from Cyanide Nation recommended I play Horizon: Zero Daw. What a beautiful game! Everything about that game is beautiful, from the designs of the dinosaur looking machines to the landscapes to the characters. A well written and design game that blew my mind and entertained me for hours. I was legitimately sad when I finished it, because although I can replay the game whenever I want, It will never be the same as that first time.

Back to yesterday, while watching the trailers of the new games I said to one of my from PR that was not interested in buying the PS5 that I was feeling the same way as him, but that I knew that if they announced a new Spider-Man, a new Horizon or a new RDR2 that I was gonna fall for it. Not even 10 minutes past that the Spider-Man: Miles Morales trailer starts and just a few minutes later they show the Horizon: Forbidden West trailer and there it is, I’m in. I am looking forward to these games so much that I made this warm up sketch of Aloy from Horizon and it made me write all these words just to show you a sketch.

Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn