The Political Drawings pt.1

  • November 19, 2019

I, by no means consider myself a political cartoonist.

A few days ago in a conversation someone referred to me as a political cartoonist and although I have made some political drawings I don’t consider myself one. There are a lot of political cartoonist, legit cartoonists that are way better than me at expressing their political statements and I can only hope to be as good as any of them.

For years I ignored politics, thinking that my voice didn’t make a difference or that it didn’t matter. I sometimes feel that way, but in 2016 my mind started to change when the 45th president was elected. A lot has happened since then and everyday I ask myself “how? How did we end up here?” So I did the one thing I knew I could do; express how I feel through my artwork.

Voodoo Doll 2016

It’s no secret I don’t like the 45th president of the Unite States of America.

Created the day the current president was sworn into office.

Still today I feel strongly about the above image. This person in office is making a joke of our flag, of our ideals. He abuses the power that he has and every day he proves how incompetent he is in leading our nation.

Hand of Doom #11 Baby Hand’s Doomsday. 2017

Every day I feel we are closer to an all out nuclear war. This individual has no etiquette when it comes to politics and I fear one day he’ll say or do something that’ll make us, the people suffer, wait he has done that already.

This year alone I have been more active, particularly this past summer. Something really amazing happened in Puerto Rico this summer(2019). See Pt. 2 next week.

In August, an article from Newsweek (link here) about ‘Maus’ author Art Spiegelman’s had me furious. The author wrote an essay for a Marvel collection that he then removed because Marvel asked him to remove a line from it. In said line he calls the president “Orange Skull”. Personally, I think it’s disrespectful to the author and a bit hypocritical of them to say they want to be “apolitical”, but that’s a story for another day.

Orange Skull as played by a very good Hollywood actor. 2019