It has been a really rough week in PR. Although there’s a big part of the population protesting and manifesting, there’s the other side of the same coin that are condemning those who are protesting or in support of protesting. Some of them have valid reasons for wanting to wait until the November elections, some of them are just sheep.

To quote a much smarter person than me, “let the protests be the recurrent theme during this year. The people controlling the narrative during a year of election. That every debate, every interview be about the protests” then go and vote and be smart about voting.

I believe the system is broken and needs to collapse and start from scratch, a simple election won’t fix the problem, but I have hope. Hope that in November they will go out and vote not for a party, not because it’s who my dad voted for. That they will be smart about who they’re voting for.

Don’t stop screaming, protesting as best you can. Use your music, your voice, your art to let them know you are tired. Let them hear and fear you. Let them know you won’t tolerate their lies and corruption anymore. Make them an example to others.

Off With Their Heads (Suficiente 2) is not a call for violence, it’s a symbolic expression of the people taking the power away from these corrupt politicians, of their frustration and their anger. The working class that feed the greedy politicians that let them die of thirst and hunger.

“Off With Their Heads (Enough 2) January 2020

The next version was a happy accident. Looking to censor the image for social media I stumbled onto this by mistake. The layer I used was not desaturated and it shows. Anyway, I liked it a lot!

“Off With Their Heads (Enough 2) Red Version. January 2020

This one is the censored version.

“Off With Their Heads (Enough 2) Censored Version January 2020