People: don’t make existing character “queer” make a new character.
DC: ok, here’s a new character.
People: stop it with this force diversity

A few years ago, I thought like that. It enraged me back then for honestly, no reason. I get it, tho. I get the frustration on both sides, one feels like they are shoving things down their throat (no one is) and the others don’t see themselves anywhere and when they do is often stereotypes and many times bad ones (It wasn’t until recently I experienced the power of representation).

One day having a conversation with some friends things started clicked, somethings I didn’t see or thought about made sense. I’ve always been accepting of my friends(some very close) and always supported them, but I realized I had more trans, bi and gay friends than I thought and was disrespectful to them by arguing these things.

I have no problem with this now and shouldn’t have had a problem before.

I always argued that you should create new characters and leave the existing ones alone. One of the things that clicked was that some people come out later in their life. 60 years old, with kids and grandkids and they realized they have been living a lie and decide to be true to themselves and who they are and what is that if not an existing character evolving. I recently learned a dear friend came out not long ago, as an adult. Character development right there.

I personally have been going through a process of introspection and questioning decision I’ve made through my life. I’m not questioning my sexuality, but my whole existence I’ve had no problems wearing girl jeans or painting my nails or wearing make up and you might argue “But you were in a band, that’s part of the show” to which I ask “Why does it have to be part of the show, why can’t it be a whenever I feel like it?” If at 42 I’m still evolving and learning new things about myself why can’t an existing character go through the same?

At the end of the day it really doesn’t affect me or bother me that an existing character comes out as bi or gay or trans. It does not stop me from enjoying a good story with good art and the same goes if it’s a new character.

You don’t want to read about Superman’s bi son? Cool, no one is forcing you to buy the book. Action Comics alone has more than 1,000 issues and you still have Adventures, and Man Of Steel and a shit ton of other Superman stories that guarantee you haven’t read and they’ll be new to you.

Comics have always touch political issues and social issues, shit what is Superman if not an illegal alien? Let’s not forget that.