Changes, we go through so many changes during our lives. We change our hair cut, we change our cars, we change our environments and who our friends are. We evolve constantly, hopefully for the better.

I’m no stranger to change, I am not the same person I was 3 years ago when Gambit’s Ink became a more serious venture. I have grown, in spirit, in knowledge and in skills. I have leveled up (It is a cooler way to say I’m older). My work has evolved in the past 3 years, this past year alone it has change tremendously. Even the way I approach a project have seen some changes and I’m very happy with I’ve accomplished so far.

Having said that, will be going through some changes soon. I’m working making the site more mobile ready, for those that like me, do almost everything from their phones or tablets. In addition, the presentation will change a little too. Although I feel like the site still reflects what Gambit’s Ink is, I believe that with some minor tweaking it will help present my work to you better. I will be adding more products to the store in addition to prints, like shirts and pins and posters and other stuff.

I hope that this doesn’t keep you away from stopping by and enjoying my work as much as I enjoy making it.

Best regards,

Elias “Gambit” Melendez