Today I want to dedicate this entry to an amazing artist and very cool person. His name is Cassidy, he goes by CJ. I met CJ a little less than a year ago when he started his apprenticeship at the tattoo studio I was working at the time. Since, we have become good friends, scratch that, great friends.

CJ is fast becoming a great tattoo artist, but he was already a great artist, graphic designer and Illustrator before that, which is why We’re here today. I have learned so much in the time we’ve work together, about composition, techniques, lights and shadow and a bunch of other stuff to make great art.

I’ve grown so much as an artist since I met him and I’ll be eternally grateful for his friendship and his help in me becoming a better artist.

These are some of my favorite work from him and some of his favorite designs.

He took a picture of his pencil drawings and colored it on Procreate.
These are some of his incredible tattoo designs. I want one so bad!
This one is a bit older, but it’s one of my favorites.

Be sure to go and check out his Instagram page