There are new standards and protocols in the shop, and they are absolute.

Tattoos are by appointment only, there will be no walk ins to the shop. You can call the shop, or contact me personally to get tattooed. Same day is not out of the question, but has to be arranged.

You will be coming to your appointment alone. I know this sucks, but it has to be for a while.

Masks are mandatory for the duration of your tattoo. If you don’t have one, we will provide it for you, but we ask the you provide your own.

You will be asked to wash and sanitize hands, phone and any other items upon arrival. So leave your stuff in the car if you don’t need it. No pillows or blankets.

Consultations will be done via video chat
I will not be tattooing chests, necks, faces or heads temporarily. Sessions will be limited to 4 or 5 hours.

My personal minimum will be $150 until further notice. I will be taking no more than 2 clients per day, due to the amount of cleaning that has to be done between clients, and just the amount of people in and out of the shop per day.

My hourly rate is $150 per hour. 

If you are not feeling well STAY HOME!

Be responsible and don’t expose yourself to anyone who is not feeling well. 
Shower right before your appointment. This is more important than ever. 
Deposits are non refundable unless you are sick. If you show up sick or dirty or don’t want to follow the rules, you will be sent out with no refund. 

My contact info:

Text: 7876322507

Instagram: Gambit’s Ink

Facebook: Gambit’s Ink


Ace’s High Cocoa Beach: (321) 613-3037

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