“Seduction Of The Innocent” was a book published in 1954 that led to the creation of the Comics Code Authority so that publisher could self censored theirs comics.

Years later it was revealed that Wertham “manipulated, overstated, compromised, and fabricated evidence” in support of the contentions expressed in Seduction of the Innocent. He intentionally mis-projected both the sample size and substance of his research, making it out to be more objective and less anecdotal than it truly was. He generally did not adhere to standards worthy of scientific research, instead using questionable evidence as rhetorical ammunition for his argument that comics were a cultural failure.

“The “Code” was later dropped.

With Marvel and Midtown Comics cancelling J Scott Campbell’s Iron Man variant cover (and many other similar cancellations) one cannot help to notice how we have a new “Code” coming this way. Where the work of artists will be censored by the masses of people in which the majority are not even fans or have no artistic talent.

It’s a shame really, the internet has given a voice to faux experts and critics, that know shit about what they’re talking about. And it has come to a point were artists can’t express themselves through their art, be it music, comics, paintings etc etc.

But this is just my opinion, I’m not an expert in these matters.